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H3C Helps China Unicom Successfully Launch 5G Intelligent MAN in Multiple Regions

H3C Helps China Unicom Successfully Launch 5G Intelligent MAN in Multiple Regions



Recently, H3C helped China Unicom successfully launch its intelligent MAN in multiple regions, which bespeaks the overall commercial use of H3C’s intelligent MAN solution that is fully recognized by many provincial branches of China Unicom.

As a trustworthy core partner of carriers, H3C develops intelligent MAN products that support high-precision clock and SR+EVPN technologies, which can meet their needs for the future development of 5G networks and MAN services. This March, H3C was shortlisted for China Unicom’s centralized purchase of intelligent MAN covering core layer, convergence layer and access layer. Following the bid-winning, H3C, with active deployment, helped China Unicom operate its 5G SA network on the basis of H3C’s intelligent MAN solution in many provinces and cities in succession.

Specifically, H3C helped China Unicom Henan Branch open 5G services in eight prefecture-level cities including Luohe and Hebi, therefore taking the lead in realizing 5G SA layout in Henan Province. Meanwhile, H3C helped China Unicom Heihe Branch in Heilongjiang Province complete the construction of all intelligent MANs across the city and perform BBU service testing. In addition, H3C helped China Unicom Dongying Branch in Shandong Province open the first SA-based dual-carrier base station with a downstream rate of over 2Gbps.

In deploying 5G SA network, the H3C teams fully met the customers’ requirements in technology and service and empowered China Unicom to develop a high-quality 5G network platform in a very short period of time. The professionalism, sense of responsibility and quality service of the H3C teams thus have been highly recognized by China Unicom.

At present, 5G network is becoming the cornerstone for integrated development of vertical industry applications (such as IIoT, IoV and AI). It plays an irreplaceably critical role in regional industrial and economic development. Along with the acceleration of the construction of new infrastructure projects, H3C will continue investing in 5G innovative R&D and scenario applications, and will enhance cooperation with China Unicom in commercial use of 5G, development of integrated solutions, market exploitation of government and enterprise services, among others. With full-stack innovation strength, H3C will help China Unicom seize the opportunity of transformation in the 5G era to facilitate business transformation practices and the large-scale development of innovative businesses, so as to assist China Unicom to accelerate its leap into the 5G era.

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